Friday, 6 March 2009

Not going home

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

Before anyone starts cheering at the sight of unemployed Polish and Eastern European immigrants being flown home you need to take a reality check, because it is ONLY the Polish and Eastern Europeans who are going home, and they were always going to anyway. The non-European immigrants are not going anywhere, they are here for good.

As I have said before, the Poles, Czechs and Latvians were used as a smokescreen by the media and the government, who even encouraged a level of anti-Polish feeling, by, for instance, focusing so strongly on them whenever the subject of immigration came up. European immogrants were deliberately used as a distraction, to hide Nu-Stazi's true purpose, which is to import as many new Permanent, non-European, residents into the country as possible.

The only real problem with the Europeans was that they were used to keep wages artificially low, however, even if things had remained as they were before the sub-prime lead financial crisis, most of them would not have stayed for more than a few years. The Poles, Czechs and other Eastern Europeans were here to work, not to shirk. That is not so with the Somalis, that is not so with the Algerians and Iranians, and it is certainly not the case with the Bangladeshi immigrants or most of the West Indians, they ain't going anywhere!

To be fair, would you go back to where they came from?

Get on any bus in South or East London, Leeds, Bradford or Birmingham and you will see the second fastest growing group in the country. No-European pensioners (the fastest growing group, of course, is immigrant mothers). This vast number of people. Arrived in Britain over the last forty years and, and they intend to stay. And why wouldn't they, there is no old age pensions, subsidised housing and free health care in the places they left, and unlike the Poles and Estonians, when did you last see a black man or an Asian rough sleeper? There certainly are not very many.

We are constantly told that we need to import immigrants to support an ageing population, however, it seems that in fact we are importing immigrants to support ageing immigrants. In turn. the latest batch will grow old as well, and there are even more of them.

Yes, the Poles are going home, but they are the only ones who are.


Anonymous said...

There is no way these people will EVER leave voluntarily.

And yet they have got to go if we are to survive as a nation, a people and a culture.

We are between a rock and a hard place. The ultimate solution will not be very nice.

With every month that passes their numbers rise due to immigration and breeding, making the inevitable catastrophe all the more horrendous.

Anonymous said...

How the fear of Muslim sexual predators and rapists is destroying the quality of life and freedom of British girls and women.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it will not be until our own people are starving that they will wake up. But it won't be long now. We produce nothing. We print money and I'm going to buy shares in wheel barrow companies...

It's going to get messy - we will be fighting a civil against those imported by the Marxist traitors who hate us so much and a second front against the Eurofor lacky's that they crawl to so much. It will get messy but we will endure.

Just remember how the Israeli Mossad tracked down the Nazi's after WW2. We will have the same witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

LibLabCon British politicians and civil servants scared to protect Jews because of Islamic intimidation:

"The Home Secretary said she would “never allow the right to freedom of speech to become a licence to preach hate. But by the same token, I will apply high thresholds to the protection of an individual’s freedom of speech and liberty of movement”.

She said that she took “very seriously” the situation of Jewish students on campus and had taken the opportunity to express this view to the chair of the Union of Jewish Students, Adam Pike, who had told the CST guests of the rising levels of intimidation on university campuses all over the country.

Ms Smith said: “This fight is not, in some ways, about throwing money at a problem. It is about throwing thought, and commitment and communication, and the willingness to engage in an honest dialogue about what we can and what we can’t do, in order to support the Jewish community’s right to live, to worship, to study freely in this country, to be proud of being Jewish and proud of being British.”

In his remarks at the CST dinner, the organisation’s founder and chairman, Gerald Ronson, expressed concerns about the level of support for the Jewish community in the UK.

He said: “Let me tell you straight, that the politicians and civil servants who stand up to be counted here tonight are increasingly isolated. Many of their colleagues are running for cover and surrendering to intimidation.

“This is not about any one party, or any one government department. The problem runs far deeper than that. Yes, when times are good, we have many friends. But when times are bad as they are now, that’s when your real friends stand up to be counted. That’s when you find out who is real and who is a fake.”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes i've noticed that to, you never see a black or asian homeless person, i suppose they do occur but they will be very much the minority. Homeless people are mostly made up of white British with mental health issues who have "slipped through the net".
These third world immigrants are STILL being allowed into the country even though there is NO employment, which begs the question why ? The EUSSR has even opened a job centre in Africa. Britain is full up the infrastructure cannot cope.We need a party who realises this and is not afraid to raise the important issue of immigration and tackle it humanely, thats why i will vote for the BNP because they're bold enough to raise the thorny issue when other Politicians are to scared to say anything.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

BNP banned from Church of England, yet virulent anti-Semite vicars allowed to preach their venom.