Friday, 6 March 2009

Ravenscliffe, Newcastle by-election result

Incapable of independent thought, some thick bricks continue to
vote for "the party my father voted for"

Well the results are in for the Ravenscliffe by-election held yesterday in Newcastle and I must admit to being a little bit depressed that we did not win. In reality it was a very good result and bodes well for the European Elections in June.
  1. Con 229 25.39%
  2. Lab 213 23.61%
  3. BNP 180 19.96%
  4. L Dem 149 16.52%
  5. UKIP 131 14.52%
So from a standing start, Sarah Barnes, the BNP candidate done a fantastic piece of work with her team in winning almost 20% of the vote. Well done Sarah.

But what disappointed me about this election was the fact that many of the people of Ravenscliffe still continued to vote for "the party my father voted for".

The election was brought about as a result of the poor attendance of a conservative councillor quitting after it was revealed she had only attended two of her last 16 scheduled meetings.

As a result of this, the poor attendance of other conservative councillors was revealed showing just how poorly the people of Ravenscliffe are served and yet enough, thick blue bricks turned out to vote for yet another tory paper candidate.

The area is fortunate enough to have escaped "enrichment" so far but this will change but until then the solid and I mean solid conservative voters can continue to bury their heads in the sand.

A few things of interest from the comments of other candidates prior to the election:
Conservative candidate Stephen Blair said: "The Conservatives have a history in the Ravenscliffe area, while the BNP doesn't, so we don't feel threatened by them at all."

Labour candidate Gill Burnett was the borough councillor in Ravenscliffe before being ousted last May.

She said: I'm quite hopeful about my own chances.

"I don't think the BNP will make much of an impact. I think the people of Ravenscliffe are loyal to the candidates they know."
Well I doubt very much they feel so complacent this morning. The British National Party was just 50 votes away from Victory but it does show how "the party of my father" syndrome still prevents many people from seeing the truth in front of them. Dull, thick, stupid bricks.

Now a different story but I might as well tag it on here.

Hard working, British National Party Councillor, John Burgess, who does not skip council meetings or feather his own pocket at rate payers expense has been cleared of breaking election laws.

I was pleased to read that John and it is one in the eye for those mischief makers who have wasted more taxpayers money. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Disappointed like you GA. What these people don't realise is they aren't voting for the party of their father. Labour and the tories sold out their principles long ago.

But to vote tory after the previous incumbent couldn't be arsed to show up beggars belief.

I worry that we're seeing Darwinism at work my friend.


Anonymous said...

Looking at what's happened in Holland to Geert Wilder's popularity, I can't help wondering whether a high-profile 'Islamophobia' controversy involving the BNP might be what is needed to wake up the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

And Yet, I am not surprised.

These people look like they voteing for (their ) extinction

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. We musr realise that what is known to us is comletely unknown to most of the electorate. Even though the advance of the internet and personal computors has made the truth available to anyone who cares to seek it, by far the majority of the population never visit the sites we do. They know only what the MSM tell them and ignore, or fail to realise the importance of, the evidence of their own eyes as they look about them. They are only concerned with the fate of a football team, the actions of a pop star, the dresses of film stars and models, the impending death of a brainless, but tragic "celebrity" and the criminal thug she recently married and who will no doubt live off her long after she has gone. These are the trivial matters that dominate what passes for the thought processes of our contrymen and that is why we make slow progress.It will take an event of earth shattering importance in Britain before these people take notice as the good ship Britannia sinks ever lower in the water. When the water laps at their feet and they realise there are no life boats then, and only then, will the morons realise they should have been taking swimming lessons.

Anonymous said...


I think you can take it as a given that 99% of the BNP are aware of that.

The question is what action we take to reach our people? You won't win many friends by labelling them as "morons" either. They've been sold-out by their own don't forget.

I also disagree with what you say about the websites. Without doubt the main BNP site is one of our biggest assets in helping to get our message across, and also, BNP bloggers like GA are doing a fantastic job with this.

The Internet has changed the game, it has brought many people to the BNP - myself included - and we should exploit it to the max.

The truth of our message is powerful and it is up to all of us to get it out there and we can visit lots of other sites not just BNP ones to help us do that.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up! Not a bad result at all.
20% from a standing start. We just need a few more people to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky Ukippers again. Add their vote to the BNP's and it would have been considered a landslide.
We should leave the main parties to fester in their own bags of manure and concentrate on outing UKIP for being the establishment-created spoilers they are and exposing them for having gone native in Bruxelles.

Anonymous said...

Results like this really show why UKIP was invented. Job done!.