Monday, 2 July 2007

BNP are warned to stay away

Were the BNP responsible for this? No. I did'nt think so either.

I have just found the following over on that rag called the Daily Record. By all accounts Glasgow Council leader Steven Purcell seems to think that the BNP are the extremists in Scotland. It is because of scum like him, that Our Great Britain is in the mess it is in today.


RIGHT-WING extremists were warned last night that Scots won't let them use the Glasgow Airport attack to peddle hate.

The British National Party tried in vain to boost support after Pollokshields teenager Kriss Donald was snatched off the street, stabbed, doused in petrol and set alight.

Three members of an Asian gang were jailed for life for the racially aggravated murder.

The BNP tried to exploit racial tensions in the aftermath - but Scots wouldn't listen.

Glasgow Council leader Steven Purcell said: "The people of Glasgow have shown in the past they will not succumb to racial intolerance because of the acts of criminals."

Liberty director Shami Chak-rabarti added: "Scots have the confidence to unite against all forms of extremism.

There is an opinion column on the rag somewhere. Drop them a line and put them right would you please?


Anonymous said...

The Record is a pole o' shite who treayted theuir workers badly rehiring sacked employees to work "casual" in their Cardonald plant at reduced rates. The Scottish elections were a mess and Salmond gpot in on a wing and a Muslim prayer. Spoikled ballot papers? Scots too stupid to know where to put a couple of X's? Dont m ake m e laugh! The BNP did well in Scotland but the establishment couldn't accept that.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the Daily Record. As a Scotsman I don’t mind having cars full of bombs driven at me, but I draw the line at being asked to vote for a political party that would deport the driver.

The BNP are racist! These people are enriching our society, and a few car bombs are a small price to pay for the benefits of Islamic enlightenment, and both the Daily Record and the BBC will back me up on this.

I also feel very sorry for the (3x47) 141 disappointed virgins now at a lose end in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Fred the ned said...

Anon, that was a misprint, its one 72 year old virgin and she's been rejected by every exploding muzzie she's limped up to meet (thats why she's still a virgin)
Allah's whorehouse in the sky is pretty homo these days. Good job they have the little boys "like scattered pearls"