Sunday, 1 July 2007

Solidarity in Action

I know that the patriotic trade union Solidarity is having teething problems at the moment, but that as not stopped them doing their job of representing their members.

A technology teacher who has been suspended by his school for accessing the British National Party website during school hours is one of the first to be represented by Solidarity. This action against former RAF weapons technician Mark Walker was probably brought on by the fact that he had the temerity to join the BNP, had he been a UAF member accessing then nothing would have been said.

Existing trade unions like Unison are trying every dirty trick in the book to slander Solidarity for obvious reason. True Brits are fed up with paying union dues to a Marxist organisation who care more for immigrants then they do True Brits. Their schemes will not work. The British People know who their true enemies are now.

Peter Harrington, the general secretary of Solidarity has now personally taken on Marks case and is considering legal action. You can read more here and here. We wish him luck.

Solidarity's is holding an EGM on July 14th and we hope that they can sort out their web problems and other difficulties and be allowed to get on with serving the True Brits who are currently without real honest representation.


Anonymous said...

Pat Harrington and Nick Griffin are both the victims of false allegations made by dupes, spies and traitors. I am pleased to see that they are acting decisively but fairly to ensure that Nationalism prospers in our Country. God bless them both!

Anonymous said...

Clive Potter has sent out a factional bulletin which includes the following gem...

"It is stated clearly in the Constitution that all publications edited by the general secretary must be approved by at least a majority of the EC. Sadly thid was not the case with last month's bulletin, but now we will begin afresh with a greater sense of professionalism.
"It is necessary to note the following correction to the last bulletin:
Solidarity will not be attending the annual 12th July parades in Belfast or Southport due to the sectarianism of the parades. As a union we welcome all people from the divided communities of Northern Ireland and we are deeply concerned with positioning ourselves with positioning ourselves with a particular sector of the people due to the tensions that exist. We strongly approve of the peace process and respect and admire all the citizens of Northern ireland and we would consider participating in cross-partisan events."

So an opportunity to distribute thousands of leaflets to a large number of white largely working class Britons - whatever their faults - will be passed up because of Mr Potter's prissiness. As I understand it, the plan was to distribute leaflets to the thousands out for the day in Belfast, Southport and Scarva who turn out to watch the parades rather than the marchers themselves. These folk are quite pleased to receive red, white and blue flyers plastered with Union Flags. If he really wants to participate in 'cross-partisan events' in NI, he may junk the Union Flag from the Union's logo. The 'butcher's apron' is unpopular with a large section of the population there.

Mr Potter is also reluctant to take part in the BNP's RWB gathering...

"During the annual Red-White-Blue BNP family festival we expect to promote our Union and express the values that we stand for. However, we shall not be providing workshops or grand speeches as implied in the last bulletin since it would jeopardise our position as an independent Trade Union. We will strongly support the BNP in its fight for freedom of expression and freedom from harassment, and we welcome all BNP members into our Union and hope that they will play a vital role in our development. However as a Trade Union we must be seen as independent and not a party governed Union."

What's wrong with this man? Where on earth does he think the bedrock of grassroots support for the union will come from? Here's an opportunity to promote the benefits of union membership; to conduct fringe workshops and give a rousing recruiting speech and what does he do? He throws it away! How does he expect to recruit members? Post up a website and hope to attract them by some form of electronic osmosis? The man is a liability. You'd be forgiven for thinking that he wants the union to be a cosy little club where he is 'president'. If the Solidarity union is to become a mass movement he has to go. Roll on the EGM on July 14th.

Anonymous said...

Potter is a do-nothing. He did nothing with the Christian Council. He did nothing with the Union for a year. He is lacklustre and comes over as some kind of depressed robot! There is one thing he is good at though - coming up with reasons to do nothing!

If I had my way he and his cronies would be put-up against a wall and shot for their treachery and incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of Solidarity and I see that Searchlight devotes two pages to bolstering Hawke/McLinden/Potter and attacking our General Secretary. Let them huff and puff! Only the members of our Union decide our policy and direction. We are moving forward. Pat Harrington has ordered a massive recruitment push and we will carry it out.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Potter is a do-nothing. He did nothing with the Christian Council. He did nothing with the Union for a year. He is lacklustre and comes over as some kind of depressed robot! There is one thing he is good at though - coming up with reasons to do nothing!"

I think you have something there. I looked at the website of the Christian Council of Britain. The first, last and only press statement was issued in April 2006. Most pages on the site are holding pages. More to come soon, blah, blah, blah. Mr Potter is listed as President of the CCB. it's a little less active than the Muslim Council of Britain! Does Mr Potter collect presidencies?

Solidarity is intended to be a trade union for the benefit of its members - not a vanity project for Mr Potter. If he doesn't like it he can wander off somewhere else.