Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I want to plug UKTabloid

UKTabloids backup system in event of Government Crackdown

I should imagine most of the people who read the Green Arrow have already checked out the truly excellent site UKTabloid but just in case, here is its link. There is also a link over on the required reading section on the right.

Now I do not know who is responsible for this news site but to me it is the source of the Nile in the information that flows from it almost the minute that news becomes news.

If you are a True Brit who has swallowed the Red Pill and who wishes to know the truth, then this site should be bookmarked and be your first news visit of the day.

Give it a go. You will be amazed at the amount of information they output and how they do it. Bookmark it now. And I have a link there too. Swoon.


Felicity said...

I check you first GA, then UK Tabloid and send the news all over the free world.
The Canadians Aussies and Americans all visit and I hope pass it on. Its viral marketing at its most effective.
I no longer buy newspapers (dont support Government mouthpieces financially) but get all my news on the internet and send it far and wide.
The MSM censor the news and crucially the views of the people. Moderation on the Daily mail comments pages allows only the voices of the bland and the ever so miffed at nearly being blown up to appear.
The blogs are fast becoming the only place to go hear the truth and get the views of the ordinary citizen heard.
I sent the dalek photo to 150 people/organisations this morning under the heading;
"Coming to a Town Near You!"

The Green Arrow said...

The trouble is Felicity, is how do we get our message to the Big Brother and Jeremy Kyle watchers?

Are we just preaching to the converted?

By the way I admire your tireless efforts.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Hear hear Green Felicity, I know posted on some of the Scottish sites. We must net work as much info out as possible.

And more important pass on ideas of sites etc we should be targetting.

Felicity said...

The message IS getting out GA and Aberdeen. It may seem as though we're preaching to the converted but its not the case. Look at the Danish, Aussie and American blogs. Look at Ali Sinas, over at faithfreedom more than 6,000,000 visiters since May 2005.
Everybody across the world is waking up to the madness of allowing this Satanic cult one more inch.
Even the so called Lefties realise they backed losers this time. The other pet projects like gays lesbians transexuals and single parents hate Islam too.
Send links to daily atrocities (find them at or UK tabloid and send them everywhere, to libraries newspapers your MP, MI5 The Pentagon and the Australian government. Look for the e-mail of journalists, some of them are better "Righters" than you may believe..they have jobs to keep.
Littlejohn of the Mail is doing an expose on anti Semitism on the box this week, he wont let the RoP off the hook there or the Left with the "we are all Hezbollah now" repulsive "wimmin".
Its no coincidence that Israel is being attacked by the Lefties and the Muslims and British Jews are being persecuted.
Dont give up, when teachers and family doctors privately confide they are sick of this lot you know we're on a roll.