Tuesday, 3 July 2007

UAF Endorses Nick Griffin in Leadership Challenge

Nick Griffin - Works For Me - And You

There seems to be more interest in the forthcoming British National Party leadership challenge from the brain dead reds of the Unite Against Freedom outfit then there is by the Nationalist Community. But then the True Brits know there is only one real Leader for the BNP and he already has the job. In fact he built the BNP we thankfully have today. Take a bow Mr Nick Griffin.

If the UAF mob think they have done Chris Jackson, the Challenger, any favours by screaming foul about the fair and clearly laid out grounds rules for the election then they are dumber then...., well some one who is really dumb.

In fact they are as dumb as that Kyle Cretin who complained that nobody came to his first demo in Corsham because he forgot to tell anyone.

Even dumber perhaps then the Conservative Election agent in Swansea who forgot to nominate their candidate for the forthcoming by-election. Well I suppose it stops the Tri-Axis vote being split.

Well let us not be too cruel. Being mentally retarded is not a crime and some of them are quite funny - apart from the smell. Especially when they try to act like men by peeping from behind their curtains until the BNP pamphleteers have passed by, then running to their locked gates and barking abuse up the street like demented Yorkshire terriers. Arrrrh. Real men. Will we ever see their likes again? No wonder the Soviet Union collapsed.

According to their claims, Nick Griffin is the most hopeless person in the world and is leading the BNP membership into oblivion. So hopeless is Nick in fact, that no matter how much they hate the British National Party they would rather see it flourish under Chris Jackson then wither on the vine. What an endorsement.

What a week. Labour admitting that its candidates were and are crap and now the UAF giving a ringing endorsement for the rather class act called Nick Griffin. And that is the truth and that is why the Marxists are truly terrified of the BNP Leader. He can out write them, out talk them and if push comes to shove, could box them into the ground.

You might like to check out this site here, where you can read their rubbish and where I am painted as some kind of Nick Griffin sycophant. I would have preferred something more along the lines of loyal supporter but you take what you can get.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Personally I don’t think Chris Jackson is a bad bloke, and he has worked hard for the party in the past, but he is not a leader.

In fact I’m afraid Chris has absolutely no leadership qualities at all, now there’s nothing wrong with that. I consider myself as a good grassroots member, and one of this party’s strength is its affinity with the ordinary people of our Nation, but to flourish we also needs a leader with talent and leadership qualities. The simple fact is: Nick Griffin has these qualities in abundance, while Chris Jackson lacks them completely.

Most members, I’ve spoke with lately, welcome this as a chance to show support for, and appreciation of, Nick’s leadership.

Undoubtedly Nick Griffin will win this election easily, but not because it’s a ‘shoe in’ as was the case in the labour leadership change a few days ago. Brown was chosen by his predecessor, Tony Blair, in much the same way as the old Roman Empires chose their own successors, and such is the case in all fascist parties.

Our British National Party leaders are chosen by our grassroots members. People should ask themselves which is the real fascist party?

Chris Hill

youdontknowme said...

I am a supporter of Griffin and will probably vote for him but the election does seem a bit dodgy. At the very least the election should have waited until after the annual conference where both candidates could debate.

Just because Griffin is the best candidate doesn't mean the challenger shouldn't be given a chance.

Anti-gag said...

Let's get it over with. Chris Jackson has been planning this leadership bid for months (as he was quite entitled to do), we don't want this hanging over the RWB or the National conference.

Often full General elections are called only a four or five weeks before polling day, so why should this leadership contest need any longer.

Chris Hill

Dexi said...

Remind me why I woke up and found Gordon Brown was Prime Minister?
Did I miss a General Election, no I didn't Blair and Brown carved this up years ago and Anti Fashion said nowt.

Celtic Morning said...

Yes , bring it on and lets give Nick a huge vote of confidence .