Saturday, 3 January 2009

Australia says "NO" - what will Britain say?

Kevin Rudd rejected US request

I see that Australia has formally rejected a request from the US Administration to take in a group of released detainees from Guantanamo Bay, who claim they would be in danger were they returned to their homelands. Although Australia turned down a similar request in early 2008, this latest rejection, no doubt came as a surprise to the Americans, as Australia's left wing government, led by Kevin Rudd, has been making predictably supportive noises in the direction of President elect Obama, who has made the closure of the Cuban based detention centre a primary aim in the early stages of his presidency.

Kevin Rudd, as you may recall, recently achieved high honours in political correctness by apologising to Australia's Aboriginal community for their alleged mistreatment under earlier white governments, leading to million of dollars worth of compensation claims being made against the current Australian tax payers. Hence he will presumably present this move as being a rebuff to the outgoing Bush administration, rather than a failure to support America's newly chosen one.

Meanwhile Britain has "not yet" agreed to a similar request that we also offer homes to ex-Guantunamo inmates, despite the fact that they have no legal connection to Britain, and have been frequently described as being amongst the most dangerous terrorists on the planet. And it is not as if we need any more al-Quada supporting, Muslims with a Jihadi complex within our communities.

However, given that Gordon Brown's administration has been urging other European nations to take a share of the released prisoners, who would apparently face persecution, or, more accurately, prosecution, in their countries of origin, it does not take a genius to guess what the eventual outcome will be. Hence, in all likelihood, more of the world's dangerous and undesirable flotsam will be taking residence in a neighbourhood near you, and at your expense.

I could be wrong, and if the British government follows the Australian example and turns down the US request, I shall certainly applaud that decision, but it might be unwise for any of us to hold our breath.



Fyrdist said...

Hello, Sarah.

I presume GA might be away for some time yet, so I'm now emailing you some articles to put on the site while he's away. I'd hate for you to struggling along alone.

Airborne said...

well if they are in danger in their own countries, maybe we, instead of being half asleep waiting for the next X Factor competition, maybe we should make it extremely dangerous for them to come to this country. But Brown etc rely on us turning a blind eye and coming out with comments like, i dont vote they are all the same, when is eastenders on!! The big three parties rely on that attitude to keep them on the gravy train.

Fyrdist said...

"Opportunities are available in all walks of life in Australia..."

"Everyone walks around with a perpetual smile across their face..."

-The Kinks.


Fidothedog said...

Even Rudd knows that a parasote kills the host.

Sadly we will take them, give them a home benefits and a job with the Guardian.

They like the Tipton Taliscum before them will make a living on the loon circuit spouting hate against UK troops, the West and our society.

Anonymous said...

Australia also said no to Nick.

I see that reds on LUAF coments are bragging that they will use the list to lose BNP members their jobs.

What is security doing about this???

Anonymous said...

Girl is shot with ball bearing gun (Bolton)

A 14-year-old girl is recovering after being shot in the face with a ball bearing gun.

Police were called at 8.47pm on Friday 2 January 2009 to Stanmore Drive, Bolton, following reports a girl had been assaulted.

Police found the girl with injuries to her face, believed to have been caused by a ball-bearing gun and a metal pole.

She was taken to hospital for treatment to her injuries, which are not described as life threatening and she has undergone surgery to remove a pellet from her chin.

The girl was walking home on Gordon Street at the back of a petrol station with two friends, when three men described as Asian and around 18 - 19 years old approached them.

Red Squirrel said...

Why should we accommodate these criminals? They should go back to face the consequences of their actions.
Britain is NOT the dustbin of the world. We are being invaded (Or is that replaced?) by Islamics already, courtesy of the lunatics in Westminster and their masters in Brussels, and to have these spontaneously combustible fanatics here would be a big security risk.
We already have their 'rabble rouser's' in our country anyway coming in and out as they please and preaching hatred in all the Mosques, and on the streets.
Soon even the councils will find they are running out of mansions in which to house all the 'enricher's'.
Britons, wake up! Turn off the TV and visit the BNP site, or go to a local meeting and find out for yourselves!
Because one day you could wake up and find someone like Armadinejad in Parliament, and that Osama bin Laden has replaced the Archbishop of Canterbury! There would be no EastEnders to watch then, and no pubs to drown your sorrows in either. All that was once British would be considered haram.
An exaggeration I know, but I wouldn't put anything past dhimmi Brown and co!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Red Squirrel. I wish it were not so but we ARE the dustbin of the world. We WILL take them. Let the BNP solemnly promise that,if/when we come to power, we will empty the dustbin and immediately boot these terrorist murdering scum out of our country.together with the rubbish and refuse which we have collected over the years. Reserve places for this lot on the first of the many transports to leave our shores when Britain wakes up and elects the BNP.