Monday, 5 January 2009

Billy Bragg and the BNP revisited

I see that Billy Bragg as been dragged from his luxury retirement home to take a pop at the British National Party via the comments section of the Guardian.

Billy has spend so long in that luxury ivory tower of his, that he has lost the plot completely and does not see a problem with the large numbers of colonisers taking over Our Land and fails to understand the concerns of the True British people.

Yes, they do vote for the BNP in worrying numbers, but more out of frustration than in any hope of getting a solution to their problems. Anyone who has seen BNP councillors in action knows that they are an electoral dead end.
Oh Billy, Billy, Billy. You should by now, know that the British National Party never forgets and that your quote above will come back and bite you on your bottom from where your writing seems to come from.

In fact remember this article Billy in which I painted a very accurate portrait of you?

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bert said...

Me thinks Billy Bragg tells lies.

Here are some BNP councillors/members in action.
The RSPCA Campbell Clinic, in Chippenham Road, Harold Hill, received a top to bottom revamp by the community action team, run by Councillor Mark Logan.

BNP member saves old lady from mugging.

Members of the British National Party turned out to help with a greening programme in the parish of Leicester Forest East (LFE) on Wednesday to plant trees in support of a County Council initiative — after councillors from all the other parties either did not bother or refused to take part.

Come on Bragg come and tell us what you really think, we allow rights of reply.