Sunday, 4 January 2009

Border Collie Bob

Border Collie Bob

You know me guys. I am not happy until I have tried everything and what I am doing now is trying with some success but more failures in seeing what sort of performance I get uploading images into blogger on a pathetically slow dial up connection.

So why the above image? Well I think I mentioned once before, that in my lifetime, I have only ever had two dogs. Both of them Border Collies. To me the greatest breed of dog in the world.

Well whilst surfing the net checking out my image thumbnail download speed, I came across the above image of a painting. Well that was it then. All thoughts of Hazel Blear driven from my mind.

Now some people who do not know dogs, think that within a certain breed they all look alike, but they are wrong. But the above image is the nearest I have ever seen that looks like my old and still missed friend Sam. What a dog. What a painting.

That prompted me to stay on the site of Isabel Clark Paintings which shows off the Lady in questions work. And very good it is to. But that would not usually be enough to make me link to a site. No what done it for me was found on the bottom left of her Menu Selection.

What was it? Go look and you shall see:)


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Excellent! I may buy one of her pictures!

My family used to own boarder collies as well. Very intelligent but sensitive animals.

defender said...

What an excellent find GA. A gem of a site, thanks for sharing.
I have always had a dog, one was a border collie, unfortunately I found her too "busy" for me and gave her to a farmer.
I have a lovely half staffie who is just right for me.

Anonymous said...

Off topic here, but have you ever tried to ask a question or make a point on our friends site L.U. you've got no chance of it being posted. So i tried giving them a little bit of abuse & surprise surprise it was posted within minutes. It seems to me, just like the BBC their scared of open debate,do you think it as anything to do with us having right on our side.

Keith said...

Well, I cannot belive my luck!

As a member,I found this site in my spambox, for some reason, and the painting drew my attention to look further because i recognise the style.

I too have paintings from Isabell of my beloved late Collie Sonny, and now my German Shepherd Trinity,and more to come hopefully from Isabelle.

Anyone wanting a a lovely painting from this lovely lady Lady do not hesitate.

And now i cant wait to delve into the site and support our cause

Come on Britain!!

Best regards and Happy New Year to all

Keith Nuneaton BNP

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Welcome back, Green Arrow! I realise you were only absent for a day, but that was quite unusual.

I am more of a cat man myself.