Sunday, 4 January 2009

Good morning fellow spare parts

Back in January of last year, I wrote an article about the governments plans to "harvest" - their word not mine - after death our body parts.

In the article, I asked how long would it be before "surplus" organs would be sold on the world market. Not long it seems.

THE organs of 50 British National Health Service donors have been given to foreign patients who have paid about £75,000 each for private transplant operations in the past two years, freedom of information documents show.
Over 8,000 True Britons are waiting for transplants but of course they do not have the £75,000 to pay for one. Unlike the Arabs, Israelis and others who do.

A nice little earner of £20,000 goes to the surgeons who carry out these "private" operations. I suppose that should go some way to easing their consistences over the deaths of people like nine year old Rebecca Dodd who died whilst waiting for a liver transplant, whose mother quite rightly said;
“If you are signing a donor card in this country you expect someone from this country to get the organ.”
Showing the same kind of arrogance as our masters, King's college hospital said it would be "business as usual" and continue carrying out private operations for wealthy overseas clients using organs donated by British People for British People. One day my friends, one day.

I urge you to read the original article as it contains information that you will also find interesting about our unwanted guests.

That is all we are now. Spare parts for the New World Order. I end this article the same way as the one linked. I would rather be fed to a pig then see my parts sold overseas.

Hat Tip: Ancient Brit of the Green Arrow Forum


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Organ donation should be an entirely private decision, personal to those who have lost a loved one,not an automatic practice in the case of every death. When I lost my wife many years ago I could not stand the thought of even a post mortem beibg carried out to mutilate her body though there was nothing I could do about that and I accept that such a practise probably benefits medical science and progress. I was even upset when eventually, the grave next to hers came to be occupied by a young dissolute drug addict whose life came to a sordid end. I tempered this opinion later as I saw the loving care lavished by his relatives on the last resting place of this unfortunate young man who had wasted his life. I have nothing but admiration for the courage and common sense of those who allow the organs of loved ones to be used to benefit others but I could not have allowed it. I admit this is not a rational attitude but in bereavement it can be very difficult to be clear, decisive and rational. Organ donation has nothing to do with the state. It is a personal decision and the fact that some people are profiting financially from the supreme benevolence of others makes me sick. What more obscenities can our modern life style uncover? The truest words ever spoken? Money talks! Even after death it seems.

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Celtic Morning. I hope you are well.

Losing a loved one is a pain that never goes away.

Take care my friend.


So perhaps we will all have to make sure that any organ when we die is so shot that it is unusable,binge drinking,drugs ,fatty foods etc ,let these bastards chew on that.

Anonymous said...

Our organs are just about the only thing left that ZaNuLab have to sell in order to finance their insane spending plans. Surely the time for open rebellion is drawing closer?

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. Not only do what they import us kill us off but when dead they harvest the organs to be incorporated into foreign bodies for money.

Thisi government et al are a disease

They think they own us.

An End to their abuse is surely soon.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned on another thread ont his site that we need caution concerning the NHS. First, I must say, again, there is a minority of health workers who are good. Of course. However, the NHS is a scam. The fact that politicians from the main 3 all praise the NHS should be a warning sign to all of us. The fact is that the NHS does, overall, not do a good job. Another fact is that many of the NHS staff are no good. Another fact is that this massive enterprise enslaves the hard working Brits. This works in an umber of ways. One way is the massive amount of tax we all pay to pay for the NHS. Much of this money is wasted. It is wasted in many ways. One way is the large and inefficient bureacracy of the NHS which provides cushy well paid jobs for the elite and thier friends. Paying taxes is a form of enslavment - you work to hand this money over and you have nothing to show for the labour that has had its reward removedf rom you. Of course, paying for the police or the armed services or care for the elderly is not a problem. Paying for cushy jobs for the elite is a problem. The NHS is bvloated with these jobs. Also, NHS staff have to nearly all undego 'diversity and equlaity' training. This is a form of re education/brainwashing. If you object or argue over the nonsense of these courses you can be sacked (as happened to someone I know). All NHS staff are complicit in this scam/brainwashing at the least by them not objecting. This is a sign of low morality at the least. The low moral of many NHS workers is frequently shown. I cite, again, the recent ambulance men/medics who left the man to die and were only discovered because unknown to them the call was taped. I have many personal examples of evil NHS staff.
These people live off your money and do not care about you (with a few exceptions). The politicians praise the NHS because it is a means of enslavement and they can cream money of us all by telling us we need the NHS and how great it is. Show me a politicain who has not praised the NHS? If they praise something be suspicious. They are using the NHS for so many of thier goals. Selling our organs is just one example.