Sunday, 4 January 2009

What happens in Britain today happens in Ireland tomorrow

An hat tip to Liverpool BNP for pointing me in the direction of an article written by Kevin Myers on the online

In the article, Kevin is attempting to warn the Republic that what is happening in Our sad Country will be happening in Ireland should they not learn from our mistakes. Well not our mistakes, rather the criminal actions of the "elite" that have brought Great Britain to its knees.

What most struck me while watching BBC television news reports of the Christmas sales in the West End of London, was firstly obvious, and secondly, it was something that no-one with the BBC would ever have remarked on. It was this. The shoppers -- and there were thousands of them -- were overwhelmingly of Asian or African origin. In the vast throngs of faces, there was barely a Caucasian face to be seen; and when there was, of course, that was no guarantee that it was British.
An excellent observation from a person who finishes the article by saying something the BNP have been saying for decades. "Just don't say no-one warned you."


Fyrdist said...

Welcome back, GA -missed ya.

Ps, check your email now -I'm sending something through.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Kevin Myers is often controversial but usually correct. He caused something of an uproar when he pointed out that all the aid we pour into the third world simply assists the population explosion of rather backward peoples who grow up to bite the hand that has fed it- with a severe vengeance. We feed them and cure them. All they have to do is to eat and breed and produce even more dependants. The poor starving, diseased children on our tv screens become adults wielding automatic weapons, breeding at even faster rates and hopping on lorries, boats and planes to colonise the countries that fed them, so spreading their chaotic, volatile lifestyles to previously stable populations. Poor countries should be left to their own devices to establish population levels and living standards which they can sustain by their own efforts. I believe that sums up Kevin Myers stance and predictably, he was condemned for what is simply common sense and honesty. It is a policy which will have to be adopted at some time in the near future if the west, the creator of wealth, is not to be submerged beneath a living wave of non productive people who will, by their sheer numbers and presence, cut off the food supplies and bring about a catastrophy for the future of this planet. No politicians face up to the disaster of over population but its time that they did. When the oil becomes scarce, millions will starve and population levels will self regulate. Shouldnt we do it now, by easier methods which eventually would cause less suffering. I would call it a matter of being cruel to be kind. Reduce aid dramatically and then, step by step, end it all together and let all nations be self sufficient according to their own means and governance.

Anonymous said...

Just come back from a mini break in Dublin. Full of invaders. Insane prices,cost of living must be close to double what it is here,possibly more. A crap 2 bed prefab, on what looked like a sink estate, not fit for an asylum seeker,sold for 570,000 Euros.
I predict food riots before long.

Anonymous said...

And another great article from Mr Myers

Jeannine said...

It's just common sense, a virtue which is sadly lacking in today's world. People don't think things through properly. An argument I've used in the US is: If the entire world becomes third world, who will be left to help anyone? Most people are gobsmacked and say, "Gee, I never thought of it that way."

Of course the best thing of all is to leave these other countries alone. I think one of the worst things that ever happened was the discovery and subsequent colonisation of Africa. That dark continent should have been left to its own devices.

Red Squirrel said...

Glad to have you back GA, I missed you as well,
Here is link to a video I was sent from Ireland last night, it parallels the invasion of 3rd world immigrants and the grey squirrel

I agree Jeannine

I have discovered a story on Sean Bryson's blog which illustrates what would have happened if the White race had never existed

I think that is a similar parallel with what could happen anyway?

Anonymous said...

The population of this planet as long time outstripped the ability of available land to support the ever increasing populations.(hence the GM answer which we know it isnt) Africa a case in point. The west sustain it enough just for it endlessly reproduce to provide even more below the poverty line populations for the 1st world to wring it hands over and pump even more money into it and so on.

The west has in many ways created and mainatns this poverty, disease and dying. Yet the Un etx Eu etc have doen enough to allow millions to get raedy to invade our countries to perpetuate this population expansion and thirdworldism.

They will take us to state of famine,poverty,degradation crime and death. So the Liberal EU elite can feel good and screw every last peny for profit out of these mobile proles.

Its beyond disgusting and insane.

Anonymous said...

More litigation jihad