Sunday, 4 January 2009

BNP Land and People

One of the most evil deeds that Stalin carried out, was the deliberate starvation of 7,000,000 Ukrainians because they refused to yield to his political will and demanded their right to exist as an independent nation.

Now we see the New World Order preparing to use the same tactics to ensure that the True British People vote the "right way" with regards to surrendering our independence to Eurabia.

They have systematically destroyed our fishing fleets, agricultural industry, milk production, meat production of all kinds from chickens to pigs, to such an extent that we now "need" Europe just to feed ourselves. If we do not surrender our freedom to them, they will pull our food plug and attempt to starve us into submission.

Most in our rural communities do not know this. They just think that their destruction is being brought about by a useless bureaucracy. The truth is, is that the destroying of their livelihoods and way of life was planned a long time ago.

Only the British National Party wants the farmers to succeed. Take a look at this post from a farmer on a web based farming forum.

Simply ignore the EU and work whatever hours are necessary to do our job properly! The bureaucrats in Europe have probably never been on a farm and they should not try to introduce schemes which will reduce food production and increase the price. EU useless schemes;

(1) EID (electronic identification) for sheep.

(2) Spray withdrawal.

(3) SFP (Single Farm Payment) payments on-line for all to see.

(4) Nitrates Directive. Who is going to put on excess fertiliser at the price to see it being washed away?

(5)Slurry spreading should be weather related, not date related. What happens if we have a dry Jan and then when season opens on 1 Feb, the rain starts and 100,000 farmers go out on the same day to spread slurry?

(6) Most decisions and directives not based on science.

(7)Why have 22 weeks slurry storage when our cows are only 8 weeks in shed?

(8) With global warming grass now growing earlier and later in UK, conditions far different from the Continent. One size fits all is lunacy.

(9) We want “
freedom to farm”, too much interference from EU. We know how to look after our stock. We know how to look after our land. We know how to transport our stock. Pollution comes mainly from the towns. We could reduce pressure on landfill sites if we could bury our rubbish. We could reduce our costs and cut atmospheric pollution if we could bury our dead animals instead of having them burnt. It was farmers and no-one else who made the countryside the beautiful place it is today, and all with no interference from the EU !!!

What the farmers and those living in shrinking rural communities must do, for both themselves and for their Country is to vote, support and join the British National Party.

Because only the BNP will ensure that farming is restored to its rightful place in the infrastructure of our country and ensure that there is affordable homes for those who work the land and feed us.

I suggest that any person interested in rural matters bookmark the link here to the BNP Land and People site and become regular readers. It is a goldmine of information.


Anonymous said...

They have also destroyed our coal-mining and electrical generation industries to make us depenedent on the EU

Anonymous said...

Time to re claim independence.

Say NO to Eu and Yes to BNP Euro Elections 2009