Saturday, 3 January 2009

News management

Various news sources are reporting a very unpleasant attack on a young girl in Manchester , who was apparently shot in the face with a pellet gun by three "males". However, as further evidence of the continued news suppression in Britain, I have attached below screen shots of the account of the crime which currently appears on the Greater Manchester Police Website (screen shot at 05:30 GMT) and a further screen shot showing how the story has been reported by the BBC.

Note the significant detail missing from the BBC account. Anyone who still believes that our news media tells us the truth is too naive to be allowed out on their own.

Greater Manchester Police Website 17:30 pm 03/01/2009

BBC News Website at 17:30 PM 03/01/2009

(screen shots were taken as experience has shown us that website copy can change!!)



Fyrdist said...

Splendid journalistic skills, Sarah.

Time after time after time... the public are shown evidence of the mind pollution that is the BBC.

Has anybody previous withheld their TV licence fee as punishment for the BBC's crimes against you? No? Thought not.

Fickle, idiotic, slavish...

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I hope that readers will circulate those two screenshots as widely as possible because they do demonstrate how our news is being censored, and that facts are being suppressed.

This is not an isolated case, the reason they do this is that the media do not want us to know how much violent crime is committed by ethnic minorities, because it is completely disproportionate.

Anonymous said...

The BBC deleted the "Asian" reference.
Social engineering at it's finest.


PS, GA did you manage to get any news, regarding my email?

Anonymous said...

Passed on to all on my ever growing mail list. Will be published in Scotland First as well.

2009 the year of all nationalists sticking together.


Antonius said...

I stopped watching the BBC years ago because I realised that whilst not being total liers, they twist the facts of everything they report to either suit themselves or their lords and masters.

I stopped paying my licence fee, but that only brought trouble in the shape of the "TV Licence Enforcement Officer" threatening me at my door.

So I took my TV to the local landfill site and now only watch "BNP TV" on my computer!

Even now after 9 years I STILL get threaten with a hefty fine if I don't buy a licence!

Jeannine said...

The BBC et al are living a delusional fantasy. My only consolation if the whole world goes to hell is they'll go with it.

These types of attacks are an all too frequent happening these days. I've noticed that they often don't attack a male unless there are at least fifteen of them, or if he's elderly. They seem to go after females and children the most. I think they're even more cowardly than the Communist scum.

Anonymous said...

Another example of 'Street Jihad' ?

These predators only attack when the they outnumber their victim and their victim is physically weaker. (Remember Kriss Donald and Charlene Downes?)

They are sowing the wind, and one day they will reap the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

There was a recnt attack on a women in Manchester City Centre where she was dragged into a car by a GANG of men and later raped.

No mention that I recall of those who did it...

I can guess

Anonymous said...

Gang-rape was unheard of in Britain before the enrichers arrived.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

If it was a gang rape, they were almost certainly non white. Gang rapes committed by whites are very rare.

Anonymous said...

'Sexual bullying' in schools. More benefits of vibrant enrichment?